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What's in the Water?

Author Information

  • Name: Mallie Hunt
  • Position and Institution:University of Georgia and Skidaway Institute of Oceanography
  • Contact:
  • Year contributed: 2023


  • Grade Level: 9-12
  • Georgia Standards of Excellence: SP4


Satellite observations of color can be used by oceanographers to study different oceanic processes. Understanding how satellites measure color and specific properties of light in the ocean (absorption, reflectance, scatter) is essential to research on ocean color. The color of the ocean is connected to various constituents in the water including phytoplankton, dissolved matter, and sediments which change the optical properties of the water. Linking these constituents to the color of the ocean can help oceanographers track changes in ocean composition and study various oceanic processes.


  • wavelength
  • frequency
  • energy
  • absorption
  • reflection
  • scattering
  • color
  • ocean color
  • satellites


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