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What a Bug Wants

Author Information

  • Name: Julia Frederick
  • Position and Institution: PhD Candidate, University of Georgia
  • Contact: julia.frederick[at], @JuliaFrederick on Twitter
  • Year contributed: 2021


  • Grade Level: K-3, 3-5
  • Georgia Standards of Excellence: S3L1, S3L2, MGSE3.MD.3


Behavior is what an animal does. An animal’s behaviors can help them to live. The animal’s behavior can also change based on their options. Usually, we will think of people and their pets when talking about behaviors. Like how a dog will bark when it needs to go outside. But even animals like bugs have behaviors!Bugs live in many different places. Each type of bug will have needs for its home. In this activity, bugs will be given two choices. We will make guesses about what the bugs’ behavior will be. We will then give the bugs time to pick what they want to live in. We will then count how many bugs wanted the same thing and graph what we see. In this lesson, students will: *Identify environment conditions that could be beneficial to the survival of an organism. *Hypothesize why an organism would choose one environment over another. *Graph observed results using a bar chart. *Explore how pollution could affect what environments would be beneficial.


  • insects
  • behavior
  • survival
  • habitat
  • pollution


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