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The Power of Plants and Demystifying DNA

Author Information

  • Name: Hallie Wright
  • Position and Institution: PhD Student, Plant Breeding, Genetics & Genomics, University of Georgia
  • Contact:
  • Year contributed: 2019


  • Grade Level: K-2, 7, 9-12
  • Georgia Standards of Excellence: SKE1, SKE2, SKL2, MGSEK.MD1, MGSEK.MD2, MGSEK.G.1, MGSEK.CC6, S1E1, S1L1, MGSE1.MD.4, MGSE1.MD.1, MGSE1.MD.2, S2E3, S2L1, MGSE2.MD.10, MGSE1.MD.1, MGSE2.MD.2, MGSE2.MD.3, MGSE2.MD.4, MGSE2.MD.9, S7L3, S7L4, S7L5, MGSE7.RP.1, MGSE7.RP.2a, SB2, SB3, SB5, SB6, MGSE9-12.N.Q.1, MGSE9-12.N.Q.2, MGSE9-12.N.Q.3, MGSE9-12.A.CED.1, MGSE9-12.A.REI.10


By 2050, our world will encounter major challenges revolving around the environment, climate change, and feeding the growing population. In order to find solutions, it is critical that we not only educate our youth on STEM, but enhance their interests so that they may become the next generation of innovators. As a plant genetics researcher, I am passionate about helping students better understand the basic biology of plants and how genetics can be used to improve them. My lesson plans entail active learning designed keep students engaged, while integrating other aspects of STEM, like quantifying data, scientific writing, and communication.


  • environment
  • plants
  • genetics
  • biology
  • DNA
  • scientific communication


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