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Radon - Staying Healthy at Home

Author Information

  • Name: Derek Cooper
  • Position and Institution: Extension Services, University of Georgia
  • Contact: dmc20[at],
  • Year contributed: 2022


  • Grade Level: 3-5, 5-8
  • Georgia Standards of Excellence: HE6.2.j, HE7.1.d, HE8.1.c


Radon is a radioactive element and gas that can contribute to cancer risk. In this lesson and activity, students will learn the basics of radon then design a radon awareness poster to help educate others about this risk. The goal here is to combine art and science in a way that the students learn how to effectively communicate health information. Students who wish to submit their posters to the annual radon poster contest may do so. The poster contest is announce in October annually and can be found on


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