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Plants and Drought Adaptation

Author Information

  • Name: Sarah Forget
  • Position and Institution: Plant Biology, University of Georgia
  • Contact:
  • Year contributed: 2019


  • Grade Level: 7, Biology, Environmental Science
  • Georgia Standards of Excellence: S7L1, S7L4, SB4, SEV1


This lesson plan introduces students to plants and their responses to drought. Students will be introduced to adaptations plants can have to handle dry conditions such as thick leaves, waxy cuticles, and more. This will be accomplished by a preliminary brainstorm, hands-on activity, lecture, and a follow-up writing assignment. With this lesson plan, the students will be able to first hand identify a drought tolerant and drought prone plant and observe what happens when each type of plant is exposed to drought. This hands-on activity will help the students in understanding and appreciating the rest of the lesson plan.


  • plants
  • drought
  • response
  • multi-celled organism
  • temperature
  • pH
  • environment


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