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Helpful and Harmful Microbes

Author Information

  • Name: Jolene Garber
  • Position and Institution: PhD student, University of Georgia
  • Contact:
  • Year contributed: 2019


  • Grade Level: 5
  • Georgia Standards of Excellence: S5L4, VA5.CR.2, VA5.CR.4


My lesson will introduce students to the microbes of the world – both helpful and harmful! My approach involves a mix of group discussion, lecture, and art. Students will learn about beneficial and harmful microorganisms and then create a clay mural to illustrate examples. This multidisciplinary lesson will teach students how art can be used to communicate ideas in other subjects and provide students with a visual aid to help them remember what they have learned in their science class.


microbes, microorganisms, virus, bacteria, algae, single celled organisms


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