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Global Amphibian Decline Case Study

Author Information

  • Name: Julie Ziemba
  • Position and Institution: PhD student, Odum School of Ecology, University of Georgia
  • Contact:
  • Year contributed: 2019


  • Grade Level: 7, 8, Biology, Environmental Science
  • Georgia Standards of Excellence: S7L4a, S7L4c


Using global amphibian declines as a case study, students will examine how multiple stressors are driving the biodiversity crisis and learn what conservation actions can help mitigate these losses. This lesson includes: 1) a brief PowerPoint on biodiversity and basic amphibian biology and ecology, 2) a card game activity, in which student groups will assess how different natural and anthropogenic stressors influence amphibian survival throughout their complex life cycles, and 3) a reflective Think-Pair-Share discussion on major takeaways from the game.


  • biodiversity
  • stressor
  • conservation
  • mitigation
  • biology
  • ecology
  • ecosystem


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