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What is Environmental Engineering?

Author Information

* Name: Corinne Baroni

* Position: Undergraduate Water Quality Research Assistant, The University of Alabama

* Contact:

* Year contributed: 2022


  • Grade Level: Kindergarten
  • Alabama Course of Study: 3 ) Distinguish between living and nonliving things and verify what living things need to survive (e.g., animals needing food, water, and air; plants needing nutrients, water, sunlight, and air). 6 ) Identify and plan possible solutions (e.g., reducing, reusing, recycling) to lessen the human impact on the local environment.


Students will be able to identify the basic survival needs of animals and plants. Students will be able to define an environmental engineer and how they help people and the planet as well as define pollutants and become familiar with point and non-point sources. Students will understand the importance of water quality and learn the basics of drinking water treatment. Students will see an example of a woman in STEM and hopefully be encouraged to pursue a career in Environmental Engineering.



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