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Water Filtration

Author Information

* Name: Dr. Steven T, Weinman

* Position: Assistant Professor, Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering, The University of Alabama

* Contact:

* Year contributed: 2022


  • Grade Level: 9–12, can be adapted for grades 5–8
  • Alabama Course of Study: Environmental Science, Earth and Human Activity


Students know:

-Sources of freshwater and ocean pollution

-Legislation that addresses the protection of natural water resources

-Methods of water treatment

Students will be able to:

-Obtain, evaluate, and communicate information on the properties, uses, and pollutants of natural water resources

-Analyze and interpret data to evaluate water resources and EPA standard limits

-Design or refine a solution to protect natural water resources, based on scientific knowledge, student-generated sources of evidence, prioritized criteria, and trade-off considerations

-Identify costs, safety, aesthetics, reliability, cultural and environmental impacts of proposed solution.

Students understand that:

-Scientists and engineers can develop technologies that produce less pollution and waste and that preclude ecosystem degradation

-When evaluating solutions, cost, safety, reliability, and aesthetics must be taken into consideration, as well as any social, cultural, and environmental impacts


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