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Understanding ductility of metallic materials (gr 6-8)

Author Information

* Name: Dr. Nilesh Kumar, Assistant Professor

* Affiliation: Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering, The University of Alabama

Contact Information (Email, Twitter, Personal Website, etc.):

* Contact: nkumar [at]


* Year contributed: 2023


  • Grade Level: grades 6 - 8
  • Alabama Course of Study:

MA19.8.7, MA19.8.8, MA19.8.8a, MA19.8.9, MA19.8.11b, MA19.8.13, MA19.8.15a, MA19.8.17,



In this lesson, students will learn about a type of mechanical property called “ductility.” The students will learn about the definition of ductility, its importance in engineering applications, how it is experimentally measured, and how it is mathematically defined. The students will also compare the ductility of different materials to learn how they differ from each other. Through this activity, the students will be exposed to the mechanical property of ductility, the tensile testing to measure the strength and ductility of materials, stress, strain, and percent elongation.


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