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Monarch Migration Adventure

Author Information

  • Name: Julia Frederick, Alexandria Purcell, Anna Willoughby, Cece Working
  • Position and Institution: University of Georgia
  • Contact: julia.frederick[at], @JuliaFrederick on Twitter
  • Year contributed: 2021


  • Grade Level: 9-12
  • Georgia Standards of Excellence: SEC3, SEN2, SZ4, SZ5


In this lesson, students will experience different threats as a monarch butterfly. They must make behavioral decisions that give them the best chance at completing the monarch butterfly's yearly migration to Mexico while recognizing trade-offs between energetic outputs, resource acquisition, and exposure to threats.

Learning Objectives: • Identify the life cycle of an arthropod • Describe threats that can affect survival and longevity • Host-parasite interactions • Apply and understand ecological principles of species persistence • Design methods human can use remedy these threats • Describe how individual behavior scales up to population trends


  • parasite
  • predation
  • competition
  • human interaction
  • environment
  • behavior


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