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Aerosols and the Environment

Author Information

  • Name: Omar El Hajj, Kruthika Kumar, Charles Perrie
  • Position and Institution: University of Georgia
  • Contact: cpp48514[at]
  • Year contributed: 2021


  • Grade Level: 9-12
  • Georgia Standards of Excellence: SG5


This lesson plan aims to introduce students to the area of aerosols. It is commonly taught that pollution is a product of certain processes and reactions, but the makeup of the emissions is largely glazed over aside from carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, and sulfur dioxide. Our aim is to dig a little deeper and expand upon what is commonly taught, so students have a better understanding of what is in the air. In addition, we want to convey how the particles in the air impact the mortality rate of humans.


  • aerosols
  • concentration
  • mortality rate


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